What You Need To Know About Blood Cancer

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The concept of blood cancer and available preventive measures are discussed in an easy and understanding way. The book begins with definitions and the types of blood cancers, followed by different stages the blood cells go through in cancer. The author described  possible causes of blood cancer and the seven (7) risk factors (the last factor shocking!) Рto enable the reader understand the environmental and toxic agents to avoid, lifestyle changes and dietary modifications- types of foods to eat and how- mechanism- these foods help to reduce the likelihood of developing blood cancer. The focus was then on primary preventive steps that can be taken before the development of symptoms and secondary prevention when symptoms have developed. The need for screening and targeted vaccine types was emphasized for early detection of some of the blood cancers and treatment options when some blood cancers can be prevented, treated and even cured. The book will be valuable to all health care professionals who are not specialist hematologists or oncologists.

  • Author: Prof Caroline Omoti
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Prof Caroline
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