Business Killers

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This act
creates the different class structures that exist on this earth. It is this act
that differentiates the sexes –man or woman. It differentiates nations (industrialized
societies, developing nations, underdeveloped nations). It also defines social
status – rich, or poor, smart or, not-so-smart, skilled and unskilled: the list
is endless.

True, as the
above is, this act is unending, it is both spiritual and physical, and it has a
divine origin. Divinity is governed by this act and parameters are in place to
evaluate these acts. Life and existence is business, no marvel our existence
terminates at death; this, by implication, means that business too, can die. Let’s
get this clear.

Life is
equivalent to business; the measure of life is existence. Existence is evident
by activities; on the other hand, whether it is done in harmony or disharmony,
with, or without result in view, it must surely end in a particular way. This
result is a function of how such activity is carried out. As long as there are
activities with, or without an outcome, business is implied.

So if life equates
to business that means all that affects life also affects business. This by
implication means that if life ends at death so does business. Life can be
taken (by death), business also can be killed, life improves so does business, and
in fact the measure of life is the result of business.

This is a very
serious issue, an equivalent that depicts the status of our existence. This
implies that the level of our business defines the level of our life and vice
versa. This also means that either of them controls the extent to which the
other thrives. The success or failure of the other has a proportionate
relationship. This means that your life which also is your attitude directs your
business. This, in essence, means your attitude can either kill, or revive your
business. In other words; your attitude could terminate your life. Take for
example a man that is a drug addict, this attitude is a bad attitude and by
implication, kills. Your attitude could be your killer, or your saviour. A poor
attitude could give rise to a poor outcome, while a positive attitude would
yield a positive result, just like the adage:


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