Before The Evil Day Comes

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As a matter of destiny and not choice, we shall all
experience the evil day. This book gives
you an insight into such a day. You would encounter my near-crash experience;
you would encounter the five things that could happen to you as an employee,
and you would encounter those things out there threatening to take your life
and lots more.

The best favour you can do to yourself at this moment is to
take time to read this book. If for no reason, but for the fact that you would
encounter the truth you would naturally not tell yourself.

Before the evil day
comes, you must be prepared!

  • Author: Solomon Okpa
  • Edition: First
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: WRITE-FOR-ME
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Chapter 1: Judgment Coming

My case should not interest you at all only consider this
story of my life.

Every time I reflect on my life, all I see is risk, risk and
risk.  If I recall vividly, my birth was
a risk to the parties concerned, that is, my parents. I overheard my aunt
whispered some years back “so this is the child, a grown up man, thank God he
survived.” You may leave the rest of her statement credited to me, for truly
that is part of the risk I am talking about.

That was the story of my birth! What about my growing up, it
was full of risks. I recall when I had to learn how to swim in Ethiope River in
Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria, it was by sheer luck I didn’t drown, and after
several gulps of water I was eventually rescued.

Still I progressed on this risky journey with so many
battles to fight and I almost lost out in my university days, but thank God,
once again, I managed to graduate (See details in my book: why students fail and spend extra years in school).

Still risk stuck to me, I served in a dreaded region of my
country for National Service. In fear and constant prayers I again managed to
escape with my life. 

Could these entirely mean I was special or smart? Time would
prove me wrong; it all started with a progressive risk, I got a big job with a
very fat salary.  “So I have fully
escaped from this risky journey” my new level seemed to convey my new status,
but the truth was far from that.

Risk again followed me, I eventually got promoted, and with
that promotion was my greatest fear, that is, the fear of height. I had to fly
a minimum of eight times in a month between Lagos and Abuja.


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